Day 1 – Friday, 16 May 2008

NOTE: Format of this post – The Process (overall & log of what happened on the day), then followed by photos and story from the day.

The process:

Equipment test

To make sure things are working

Kick off

Jacob dropped (and picked up) Cory and I to the kick off where the genre would be drawn and we were given this year’s element for the movie

Brainstorming & plot outline (+ Dinner)

Pre-production team sat and throw in a bunch of ideas for possible story & developing plot

Script writing & storyboarding

Our writers finally sat down and turned the ideas into a script, and Cory started on storyboard

Music writing/composing

Start writing & producing music/score to be used in the film

End of day 1

Day 1 story

So… it was midnight on Friday (yeah, I meant the 00.00 on Friday 16th) I was still awake and buzzing thanks to all the excitement of the upcoming 48 hours madness. So many things needed organizing.

At 8.30 I got to the office and honestly was feeling really tired (Oh no! The 48 hours haven’t even started!!!). Spent the whole day working and being friggin’ nervous. Lol.

In the afternoon Jacob came in to the HQ to set up his gear by my editing suite. Oh dear this actually made me even more nervous, especially once he brought in ALL of his musical instruments. But of course, nothing beats the “Oh no! Pro Tools is not working!!!!”. Luckily, he have practically 24 hours to fix the problem or use another program to edit audio.

At 4.45pm I handed in my last project for the week and spent the rest of my working hours doing paperwork to follow the jobs I finished today. At 5pm Cory came in a hurry, thinking that we had to be at the kick off by 5.30pm. Lol. He was soon relieved that we didn’t need to be there until 6pm. I was constantly tapping my foot and looking at my watch, waiting and waiting for 5.30pm to come. When the clock hit 5.30pm, Jacob drop Cory and I off at the venue… but not before I put up the schedule, roster, menu, etc (all needed paperwork and checklist… yeah you know me… on the door!!!)

I saw lots of familiar faces there and suddenly got even more nervous after seeing the amount of people that came.

I was wrong when I thought that it was a better idea not to know the genre until the end of the kick off… I was having cold sweats waiting to know what my number meant! And I couldn’t say that I was thrilled when I found the genre out.

So here’s the breakdown:

Team: 2RhAB – Two Redheads and a Blonde


Character: Kerry Post – a perfectionist

Prop: a brush

Line of dialogue: “Wait a minute”

Seriously, I bet my face went suddenly pale when I found out that I have pulled that genre. Although in a way I felt special coz I drew the secret genre. Lol.

Just after 7pm we were all pouring out of the venue. I took my cellphone out to ring the pre-production team and also to find out who was our ride back to the HQ. I was at the edge of blowing up when I heard “Welcome to… this call has been re-directed to let you know that you have exceeded your credit limit”.

Luckily Cory topped up his phone, so I rang our HQ and told Jackie what we got. After several time repeating “Yes, animal movie”, I got a text from Jacob saying that he was outside. Once I got in the car I rang Vodafone and was trying to keep my cool and not blow up at whoever answered my call. Well… they said that sometimes they have delays and that post office payment could be problematic. Yeah right! I always pay my phone bills at the post shop. And I paid it at lunch time, so it was way over 5 hours before! That’s like the 2nd disaster and we haven’t gone pass an hour since 48 hours started!

We got to the office I saw Thomas and Alastair have set up their gear in a (almost) sound proof room at the HQ, and we found our pre-production team sitting upstairs and have started brainstorming. I texted the rest of the team member to let them know our genre and elements. And yeah… the first text I got back was “What on earth is Animal movie????” from Kelly. Hahaha!

Luckily the team came up with ideas pretty quick and started plotting stories soon enough. Disappointed that Nando’s chicken vouchers weren’t valid until Saturday (hahaha! I think everyone has prepared their tummy for yummy Nando’s chicken. LOL), we ordered Hell’s Pizza instead. YUMMY!!!!

Not long after the movie theme has been decided, I could hear really fast paced and catchy theme song came from downstairs (Thomas & Alastair’s studio). That was fast! And I could really work with the tune.

Brain storming for plot went on for longer than scheduled, however we did come up with a good plot, so once we all had our dinner and thought that we’ve dished out enough ideas, we left Jarrod, Muts, Cam to write the script and Cory to storyboard. Dan, Caroline and I brought the redheads and c-stands to my place for tomorrow’s shoot. Luckily there wasn’t that much to set up at my place since it already has quite good light source and a lot of space.

Cory and I wraped the day not too long after the set up at my place, and went home while the script writers continued working at Caroline’s house (which later on I found out they finished about 2.30am if I’m not mistaken).


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