Indonesian Pool Competition – Thank You’s


We would like to say thank you to you all who participated in The Indonesian Pool Competition (05 October 2004), it has been a great successfull event and hopefully you all enjoyed your time there.
We also would like to apologize for any inconvinience.

To yous who didn’t have the chance to attend, we would like to announce the winners:

1st place : Edwin
2nd place: Pak Arman
3rd place : Frank

1st place : Edwin & Humphrey
2nd place: Azie & Stacey

We especially would like to thank ;
Documentation Crews: Rudy & Mira
for their sponsors and support

Thank you,

Co-ordinator team
(Ditha, Gunawan, Kiki & Sammy)


Created: September 2004

Method: Photoshop, Freehand

Indo Pool Comp

Poster design for this competition (left pic) was simple and only used several colours to attract attention. I did it in such a hurry because we only had a month to organize the whole thing, from venue hire to getting all the prizes imported from overseas. The poster was done about 3 weeks prior to the competition.

The ticket was done in the way I did it to prevent people from misplacing it. The number of time people misplacing tickets in the past was unbelievable, especially if those are the simple piece of paper which could be mistaken as receipts and got thrown away. So I did it in a landscape format that could still fit in a wallet, but with the colour and the thickness of the paper, there are way less chances of people misplacing or loose the ticket.

The ID tag was done to identify the crew member than the rest of the spectators. With so many people participating and only the Cue World crew had uniform, it would be hard for the participant to recognize the comittee team. ID tag was done in a very simple manner. I didn’t want anything fancy with it, only something people can spot.


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