Something Fishy….

Okay… I think all of us were too tired to remember anything about this little important element that was in our short for 48 hours… so here’s the story…

Later on today, Cameron called from the office upstairs, saying something about throwing out something… I couldn’t hear what he said… until I started to smell something pretty bad… and then I found out what he was trying to say “We really need to throw that fish out”… and I was like…..  “What fish???”…. d’oh!!! “That fish we used for the 48 hours!”. OMG!!!! We totally forgot that the fish was still in the fridge!!!! And now the upstairs office stunk pretty bad… *I feel really really really bad about it*… but after the fish was thrown out it’s okay now… so hopefully tomorrow it’s fine… though I’m soooo not looking forward to clean the fridge…. LOL!!!!!! OH WELL…..

The fish


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