Finally… after all night and morning waiting for it… the reviews from last night screenings of the 48 hours first heat are finally on the forum!!!! I was sooooo NERVOUS to read the review on our movie… but I’m glad I had the guts to read it… because we got 4/5 for overall rating (external reviews, btw)… they liked the movie!!!! OMG I’m soooooooooooo HAPPY… I was so happy, I swear I almost cried!!! I’m glad many people like the movie too. But yeah, then for the next few hours after I read the reviews, I couldn’t stop smiling… hahaha! :)

So here are the reviews on our movie:

Review by Dean

“Darkest Before Dawn”
Coming of Age

An emo teen struggles to come to terms with his identity, amid parents who don’t understand him, etc. This one worried me at the start, with the OTT counsellor making me wonder what we were about to go through, but once the main story kicked in, it surprised me by instantly becoming a hilarious exploration of emoism, which also linked in really well with the hyperchondria. The lead teen actor was great and the well-written dialogue had many killer lines scattered throughout. Maybe I should’ve seen the ending coming, but I didn’t, and I had a moment of “Of course!”. Rad. 4/5
Review by steelpotato

2RhAB (Two Redheads and a Blonde) (Romance or Coming of Age) – DARKEST BEFORE DAWN

This was a great entry about Jerry Reed, the self-help speaker giving their story of where they came to be with some excellent production values. Making Jerry an emo the team had a lot of great material, such as drinking coffee for “hours, or maybe minutes” but “at least I wasn’t a ginga” and when talking about a medical term apologising for the fact they didn’t know it’s name because they were cutting themselves in bio class rather than paying attention. The rope was used really well as they just stood being depressed when the parents thought maybe he’d like to be a cowboy and he got dressed up as such. The big payoff in the end was that they had grown from being an emo…to a goth (Jerry played by two different actors).4/5


I must say there are a lot of talent out there who did the 48 hours… there were 2 movies in our heat last night that really caught my attention with their excellent cinematography and production value, and also on their braveness *two thumbs up!* I had goosebumps. I read the second day heats reviews and a lot of them are excellent reviews! I regret that I didn’t go to the heats last night! :( I really wanted to see some of them.


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