Day 02 – the shoot

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Day 2 Production Diary

Location: the office level 3, garage

Crew call @ 7.30am


  • finish setting up
  • shoot bedroom, lounge, counseling group, doctor, counseling session, samurai and fish scenes
  • sound recording (narration)
  • capture all footage
  • bulk edit video
  • edit audio
  • finish rough edit
  • plan reshoot


  • level 3 (bedroom, lounge, counseling group scenes)
  • garrage (samurai scenes)
  • level 1 (counselor, Dr. Emo scenes)
  • level 1 quiet room (sound recording)


We were lucky to have a beautiful day outside! Although it was too bad that we couldn’t shoot cowboy scene in time before the sun went down.

Make up was beautifully done by Kelly (awesome!!!) and I learnt that having my hair straightener with me wasn’t a bad thing :) Hehe.

Set up and shoot went very well. *Well done guys!*


We were still behind schedule, but I was so happy that we were finished shooting by 11.30pm. And that the rough edit was finished before the sun came up :) Haha! *Two thumbs up for the teamwork* Everyone worked together very well and efficiently.

I must say… we did GREAT!

My Diary 

Okaaaaaay…… it wasn’t really a great way to start our day… but we woke up LATE!!!! I remembered my alarm went off at 6.30am and still remembered Cory mentioning about making breakfast…. BUT… when I actually got up to look at the time, it was 7.20am already!!!!!!! We must’ve gone back to sleep without realizing it…. so… pretty much no more time wasted, we got ready right away and called for taxi. I didn’t even have time to do my hair, so I grabbed my cap and put my hair straightener in my bag (can’t forget that!). Luckily things were already prepared before we went to bed, and it’s a good thing that I live in town… not too far away from work and given it was weekend, the streets were clear from traffic :)

We got there about 10 minutes late… and not everyone was there yet… *phew* Kelly joined us later on and was introduced to the rest of us… and her Mum, Kathee came along and offered us help… we were very lucky to have her helping us. She ended up going around to get us breakfast, hair gel (for emo look), rings (for the goth part), cowboy equipment (for the cowboy camp scene) and also provided us with medical books (for the hypochondria part).

So, last night we didn’t completely finish the setup so this morning we went to make the bed (note: there’s no bed scene in the movie, btw, just in case you’re wondering). We used black drape as bed sheet/cover and thanks to Jacob’s pillows with their red pillow cases, the bed looked awesome! Totally emo! Hehe… I can’t remember who put the blank black poster in the background but that looked stunning! While Kelly was getting the actors ready with make up, the rest of us helped setting up the first scene to shoot. It was a little hard making Matt’s hair look emo since he has short hair… so… lucky I had my hair straightener with me! It didn’t only rescue my hair, but also rescue the actors’ hair! Hahahaha! So then we had emo look :) I was planning/beatscripting for the shoot while also waiting for Cameron to turn up. He was sick *sorry, Cam, I think you got it from me and Jemma*. But he turned up later on and stayed on for the day *two thumbs up*.

And of course my wooden katana didn’t stay put! Luckily I didn’t bring my broadsword as well or we’d have a sword fight in the house! Hahaha! SO yeah, Patrick the samurai was dressed in my modernized “hakama” (yeah, I couldn’t find my actual hakama… I’m sure it’s somewhere in one of the boxes at home… haha!)… lucky he could fit in that pants and good thing is that the pants looked like a hakama somehow… and with the full costume, he looked like someone who just jumped out of the movie “The Matrix” HAHAHAHA!! Well.. don’t know who, but just looked like he was.

We totally used the space on level 3 to the max! Not only we used the space for bedroom, we used it for lounge (dinner scene), looking through books scene, and also the counseling group scene *correct me if I’m missing any scenes here*. So yeah… can imagine the mess there… hahaha!

Around 1ish (I think) we stopped to have an hour lunch break… by that time I think we were doing great. Yes, we were still behind schedule,  but not by far. After lunch I started the footage capture from our half day shoot, which took less than an hour.

From level 3, we moved to the garage at the back to shoot the fish and samurai scenes. I really really really hate that construction that was going on nearby coz we could hear the banging. Argh! But we only had one take on the samurai scene because it involved getting Matt’s tshirt wet… and it went great! Sound was perfect, the scene was perfect! So we were glad that was over. We moved on to inside the garage for the fish scene… now I really have to say that I felt really sorry for Patrick coz he had to hold the fish and it smells… hahahaha… yeah…. *ouch*. Not to mention that we stayed there for sooooo long coz of that banging noise from the construction nearby… grrrr… and it was cold inside the garage, and we were loosing the sunlight with one more outdoor scene (cowboy camp) to shoot. So after we finished with the garage scenes, we went back to help setup the counseling group scene. Which wasn’t too complicated and it needed less dressing up than the rest of the scenes.

By 8.45pm we had our dinner break. It was almost 2 hour  behind schedule… but at least we still had dinner. Burgerfuel really fill my tummy that by the time I got back for shoot, I was actually feeling kinda sick coz I was too full… hahahaha!

The counseling scene was pretty straight forward… but we ended up being on screen… hahaha! Yeah… Dan and Cameron had to put make up on to be emo… HAHAHA!!! Sorry but I soooooo can’t stop the jaw dropping moment when I actually saw Cameron in his full make up for his Dr. Emo scene. LOL!!!! I was downstairs by then being the “Mum” for the counselor and doctor scene. When it was Cam’s time to be on camera we had to stop every once in awhile just to laugh coz he just look… hmm… scary in a way but so funny seeing him in that make up… *sorry don’t know how to explain it* hahaha… (good job on the make up, Kelly! Lovin’ it!). And Cam really suit the part too! Hahaha!

We went back upstairs to shoot the last scene… the “revelation” scene. Now… we didn’t mean to be mean to Matt… having him taking off his clothes and putting it back on again just to take it off again… and it happened sooo many times because of the re-take. Hahaha. *Sorry Matt… but hey it turned out good tho… :)*

By 11.30 we finally finished our day’s shoot!!!! Woohoo!!!! Behind schedule, but it’s before midnight and we only had two more scenes to shoot!!!! YAY! Not bad!!! I even had time to write my journal on multiply while waiting for the 2nd tape capture to finish. We even had a group photo!!! Just in case we’d get too stressed tomorrow to have one! :) And we also managed to sort out all the paperwork… so that was out of the way! :)

For the rest of that night (plus early Sunday morning of course) Jacob and I were editing… Jacob was editing the audio while I did the video part… and Cory was doing a great job on keeping me awake and sane… *thanks heaps :)* The rest had gone home to have some rest. It was an awesome feeling that at 3am the bulk video edit was finally finished!!! We could finally go home and sleep! Although Jacob stayed over tho… the bed (from the bedroom scene) was already set up so at least there was a bed to sleep in.

Though it wasn’t until around 4am that we were finally ready for bed… coz yeah… knowing me… I had to have a shower etc before going to bed, not to mention prepare everything for the morning too… :p



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