Day 01 – the beginning

Friday, 18 May 2007 

Day 1 Production Diary 

Genre: Romance/Coming of Age

Character: Jerry/Gerri Reed, a hypochondriac

Object: a rope

Dialogue: “What do you call that?”


  • Story and plot development by the pre-production team
  • Script writing by Cameron and Stevie
  • Storyboarding by Cory
  • Setup by the rest of pre-production team


  • Level 1 (editing suite – brainstorm session)
  • Level 3 (setup)


Trouble was to come up with a good plot that would grab the audience attentions, especially with a genre so common like Romance (and in this case, or Coming of Age). Somehow the idea of a very random element like “the samurai” was really appealing… and we all thought it would be good to have it in the movie.

Story was changed during the script writing session and it turned out to be an awesome story and very do-able! *Two thumbs up* to Cameron and Stevie’s script writing talents.

Storyboard was beautifully done thanks to Cory. Windows were blackened and level 3 was almost ready to go tomorrow :) Well done guys!!!!


Overall, we were around 2.5 hours behind schedule (not bad!) and we all had some sleep and dinner :) That’s the most important thing! (PS: We of course also had a few beers thanks to Matt and Pat :) awesome!)

My Diary

The day has finally come!!! I couldn’t sleep well last night coz I was soooo NERVOUS about today!!!! Work today seemed to go really slow!!! Hahahaha!!! By the time 5pm came I was getting really agitated! LOL!!! I left work around 5.30pm to get to Victoria Bowling Club on Pirie St for the kick off.

It was quite a long walk there… more because it was up the hill… LOL… and then I started counting how long it would take to get up there just in case on the hand in day we couldn’t get transport to get us there… and turned out that it didn’t take that long at all… it was approximately 10 minutes to get up there.

The bowling club was full of people! Although I recall that it was advised that each team member only have 1-2 representatives at the kick off… but boy… that was full on! Just realized how many people actually participating in it! Well… yeah, there are about 500 teams all across NZ participating in this… so that’s about 25% of the population of NZ are making movies this weekend! Scary….

Anyway… at 6pm sharp the genre draw began. When I heard our team name was called, I stood and walked to the front, and of course I knew I’d get commented on the name… Dan Slevin, the Wellington 48hours organizer said “Ooh… this is weird”. Hahaha!!! Yeah… I got that too from the teller when I paid the entry fee… our team name being “Two Redheads and a Blonde” and the person who turned up was black haired… hahahaha!!!! :) BUT…. I seriously almost had a heart attack when I drew the genre…. OMG!!! Couldn’t believe it! We got “Romance / Coming of Age”!!!!!!! I almost crashed there and then… I was soooo hoping to get Grindhouse or Horror hahaha… well yeah… as soon as the genre has been decided my mind was swimming with a lot of different scenarios… hmm… my first thought was… “Oh no… gay romance movie, here we come!”. Well… what can you say… we had 11 people in our team, with only 2 girls (and none of us are acting!). So there you go… the next hour went VERY slow…. Before 7pm we all watched C4 to find out what the character, element and dialogue were for this year. And soon we got Jerry/Gerri Reed, a hypochondriac as character, a rope as object that must be used, and “What do you call that?” as the dialogue.

At 7pm on the dot we were released from the bowling club and I slowly made my way back to the office… after calling Cameron and informing him about the genre, of course, and finding out that I got 3 messages on my phone… 2 from Cory and 1 from Patrick (asking which beer I wanted… hahaha!).  Each team got a box of V energy drink and boy that was HEAVY!!!! I carried it all the way back to the office where the pre-production team were having a meeting. And I didn’t escape a couple of strangers asking me where the hell did we get the box of V coz there were hundreds of us walking down Pirie St carrying a box of V in our hands.

By the time I got back to the office, Cameron, Campbell, Cory, Joe, Matt, Patrick and Stevie were already in the middle of discussion and I couldn’t lift my arm at all from carrying that box of V… honestly… I tried to tie my hair up but failed coz my arms just wouldn’t stay up without shaking hard out. HAHAHA! Oh well. Jacob came over sometimes during his break to get an update before going back to work, Dan came later after work to start blackening the windows upstairs on level 3, and Jacob came back to join us after he finished work.

Sadly, I had to cut off two of our actors after we’ve decided where the plot was going. So Humphrey and Alex weren’t participating in this 48 hours… since we already had everyone needed for the roles, and they were the ones who really fit the characters too… so I think it’s only fair to let others go and let them have their weekend.

We had pizza that night…  although I really think that I should’ve ordered more… LOL. Oh well… I think it was around 10.30pm-ish that we were setting up level 3 while Cameron and Stevie were developing the script downstairs. And I must say that I’m glad we got over the gay romance topic because that would be a hard one to make! So we were going with Coming of Age and hoping that the humour would catch a lot of audience attention.

Before midnight *I can’t remember what time exactly* (PS: I thought we were doing well with this, that the plot and story was ready to be written to its final form before midnight)) Cory went down and joined Cameron and Stevie for the story boarding while they started writing the actual and final script.

Storyboard and sketches of Emo by Cory

Storyboard 01

Storyboard 02

Storyboard 03

Emo sketch Emo post it

It was 1am-ish (I think it was closer to 2am actually) that we started gathering my stuff  to get ready to go home and got some sleep… in a way we’re soooo glad that we didn’t get Dance / Musical… coz as Jacob said… if we get that genre… then we can say goodbye to sleep and we would be making some desperate phone calls… so yeah… *phew*

By the time we were ready for bed it was already 3am, so yeah… it was only 4 hours to go until we had to wake up again for 7.30am crew call.


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