Only hours to go

The Day has finally come!!!!

Two Redheads and a Blonde is ready to go!!! We’re a pretty new team, about 3 of us had done it last year, but for the other 9 people (including me), this is our first time. So we’re pretty excited!!! Hehe.

We have a complete technical team, but lack on the actors and lack on feminine touch! Haha, well yeah… only 2 girls in the team (including me). But if things get tough, anyone of us would gladly jump in front of the camera to act. I personally would rather be off screen and direct & edit, but if we’re in need for actors then I’d jump in too :)

I checked and re-checked everything last night before going to bed… so this morning I ended up with this gym bag full of stuff for tonight’s brainstorming and setup… haha. Yeah, kinda hurt my shoulder when I was trying to run to work with it! LOL.

So…. I will be at the kick off tonight, and *fingers crossed* we get at least one or two hours of sleep each night of this sacred weekend :) Let the fun begin!!!



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