The Ideal Situation Overview

Okay… call me a little paranoid or over-organized… but I really don’t want our team to be all over the place during the 48 hours… so I came up with a schedule and roster… which pretty much gave a *jaw breaking moment* to some people…

So… here’s our ‘ideal’ schedule and roster to go with it… if we work efficiently, then all of us would have 3-4 hours sleep each night. We’ll try to follow the schedule as closely as possible. Of course the schedule would change as soon as the genre for our team is decided… but… at least so we have a guideline to follow during the 48 hours to make sure that we are being as productive as we could be :)

THE SCHEDULE (click to enlarge)

Schedule p1 Schedule p2

Schedule was setup as a guideline… as Jacob said, if we get musical/dance genre, then we can definitely say goodbye to sleep! Hahaha!


It always helps to have a roster around so everyone know what to do and when to turn up… so here’s the one I made for the 48 hours weekend….

(click to enlarge)



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