First timers meeting

As planned, we were having a gathering as the pre-48hour thing so some of us can meet up with each other before having to be on each other’s faces for 48 hours. Haha. So… since there was a meeting for all the first timers down at Paramount theatre, I decided that it would be good for us to attend and after that we’d go for a few drinks at a bar nearby. I’m so glad that I was feeling better after being so sick on Thursday and Friday (so lucky that Symon let me go home on Friday… that really helped). The weekend was pretty much spent to get better and by today I was feeling great (not 100% yet, but felt great).

Dan, Jacob, Kelly, Patrick and I turned up at the Paramount theatre for the Q&A session with the pro… well well well… I saw a lot of familiar faces… I even saw Preston and Guido there (we also met before and found out that they were participating as well). Half way through the session Humphrey came for a little while.

We didn’t stay throughout the whole session… by 8pm we decided to head down to Malthouse (bar across the road) to grab a few drinks and just socialize. By that time Humphrey and Kelly already left. Matt came and joined us at the Malthouse, where we all got to know each other and also discuss a few things for the coming weekend.

I have to admit that I think I had a little bit too much wine then… haha… yeah… beat me, I only had 2 glasses but thanks to my empty tummy it felt like I already had a whole bottle! Not to mention that my feet were sore thanks to my high heels (and I’ve been standing during the Q&A session)… so I’m soooo glad that Jacob drove me home… thanks Jacob :)


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