Two Redheads and a Blonde

Haha! Finally…. I’ve been thinking of what our team name for the 48 hours would be… I spent all night and morning thinking about it… finally…. after brainstorming ideas with one of my team mates, I came up with “Two Redheads and a Blonde” and it’s awesome! My team mate liked it, and so we decided to go with 2RhAB (Two Redheads and a Blonde” for our team name!!! :) Okay… for yous who are wondering what the hell is that supposed to mean…. well… it’s the lights normally used for video shoots… (just a wee explanation so no one gets confused)… I got sooo many comments on the name, including the teller who asked about it too (coz my hair is black)… hahahaha… but yeah, I loved the name :)


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