Indonesian Cultural Evening 2006


Guest at the Indonesian Cultural Evening at the Opera House in Wellington last Friday were promised exotic music and dance – and that is what they got.
Performers demonstrated a variety of traditional dance and music styles including tribal-ethnic dances from Borneo, traditional Javanese and Balinese gamelan (percussions).

Award-winning Balinese dancer Evi Suyadnyani performed along with percussionist group Padhang Moncar and Taniwha Jaya

– Dominion Post, Tuesday 12 September 2006

Indonesian Cultural Evening
8 September 2006
The Opera House

The event started with Cocktail for VIPs invitees on the 2nd floor and followed by Exotic Music and Dance performances by Padhang Moncar & Taniwha Jaya (Gamelan Group), Kalimantan Dancers and Bali Dancers. The show finished at 8pm for a short break and transition from diplomatic function to a more casual function. The second show started at 8.20pm with dances, music and dramas performed by Indonesian students and communities in New Zealand. The show finished at 11pm.

I would like to thank you all for working hard on this event, my co-workers (Harridz, Laura & Adri), the back stage crew, the performers, all the people who made this event possible to happen, including all the pros who worked with us, all of you who gave me emotional support and all of you who made it on the night to come and see the show. It was a great success and we’re all happy with the result and of course we learnt many things during the process.

I’d like to apologize if I have misbehaved during practice and the event… in the end we’re all human, and we make many mistakes.. just have to learn from it. I also want to thank especially Laura for the great help in creating the Opening Dance (so glad it’s finally finish), and for the great help organizing the backstage and thank you to Harridz who has been a great mentor and friend during the process. To Adri, who worked with me, without your help it’s impossible to pull off this event. And also… I would like to especially thank the Opening Dancers (Laura, Chika, Michelle, Yumi, Hana, Sasha, Harry, Ghana, Edwin, Yudi, Nara & Fahmi) for their participation, co-operation and their patience in practicing until late nights and working together with me.

Now that it has finished, I missed the hectic situation at the Embassy, and right now I’m still recovering from over a month of intensive preparation period… hahaha…

Click here to view all the photos from this event.

Well done guys!


Arianditha Angraini (Ditha)
Harridz H. Utomo (Harridz)


In command

Franky (Tuntun)


Venue – The Opera House
Lighting – Grouse Lighting
Audio – Oceania Audio Ltd


Created: August 2006

Poster design for the Indonesian Embassy in New Zealand, in occassion of Indonesian independence day celebration which took place at the Opera House (Wellington) on 8 September 2006.

The Pamphlet

I found quite a lot of trouble trying to do the second page (inside page) of the pamphlet since I wanted something quite different from the front page. I put a different colour and the contrast turned out quite well. The texts in the pamphlet was quite a challenge though.

Front page of the pamphlet:

Inside page of the pamphlet:

The Poster

The Poster was done soon after I finished the pamphlet. Since the black background would attract more attention, I decided to use the same elements for the poster itself so that it relates back to the pamphlet. The poster was printed on A3 size.

The challenge was to adjust the format of an A4 landscape from the pamphlet into an A3 portrait for the poster. But in the end I’m happy with how it turned out like.

The set (pamphlet and the poster) worked great together.


Okay… I have to say that the Opening Dance was done in a real hurry… I think we did it in about 6 weeks? I can’t remember anymore… but Laura and I choreographed the Opening Dance… believe me, without her help I wouldn’t be able to pull if off… so yeah, it was sooo awesome that Laura helped A LOT! )

The attention grabber of the dance was the “Ganesha” figure (pic on the left). I had the idea and was really keen to bring it to life. I had the girls lined up in one light facing the back of the stage with a white screen between the girls and the boys… and had a spotlight illuminating the girls from behind (aligned with the girls), so the picture on the left is what I ended up with. Although I wished I’d have a picture from the front, but I think this should be good enough. I was soooo nervous when I gave the commands to hit the light and later to draw the curtain. But I’m soooo glad that it looked great )

The dance pretty much played more in structures and formations instead of movements. We’ve created some of the simplest movements so the girls and boys can follow and learn the routines fast enough to be able to make it to the big day. The dancers weren’t professional dancers and they had worked hard to make this happen, so *two thumbs up* for them! ) The red and white cloth was an additional element that we kinda had trouble using. But in the end we managed to put together something simple but effective that we’re quite happy with.

Now, the highlight of the dance was the flag at the end of it! We finally managed to put it together at the 2nd to last day (I think it was) before the performance! Both Laura and I were VERY concern about it (who the wouldn’t?)… but we’re just glad that the flag looked AWESOME from the front… and I was soooooo happy when I heard the audience clapped when the flag was brought together (before the dance ended)… you would never believe me how much lighter I suddenly felt after the applause. I was VERY HAPPY )

The dance gave me the result I wanted… that was to have an impact that would grab the audience attention and glue them to their seats to see the next performances. And I’m glad we’ve achieved that. We’ve done what we could with the very short amount of time given to create it.

About the Opening Dance

This dance portrayed our motto, “unity”. The costume was simple, plain black with little accessories from parts of Indonesian costumes, the message behind this was that eventhough we are all different individual, we are one family (and therefore the flag was brought together in the end). The song used for this piece was “The Mass” by Era.

All images are © copyright of the photographer. You may NOT replicate, manipulate, modify, or use these images in any way without permission.


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