Potential Culture Issues

Breaking the boundaries

Having to live overseas, I have adapted new culture and habbit, which COULD cause a problem and culture clash. In Memetik Bintang I would like to show some of those problems without being offensive to the people who holds the belief and culture.

Dreaming of Janet scene

What may become issues:

  • exposing too much skin
  • she is caucassian
  • male fantasy (sex object)

How to treat it:

  • Janet is not treated as an object, but as an inspiration

Chasing Janet Scene

What may become issues:

  • returning of apartment key: both living under the same roof

How to treat it:

  • they are not neccessarily living under the same roof
  • both have strong trust on each other
  • shows commitment
  • it’s economical (save a lot of money when sharing living space)

Positive moral value:

Above all, David becomes a better person because of Janet


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