Video Editing


Edit 01

This scene required one of the character to be masked out in order to dissapear from the scene (note: the image on the top wasn’t the actual technique I used, I have used a different method of masking and stick with that one instead because it look a lot smoother – but I haven’t had the chance to capture the time line to be put here, so instead I put this image here… well.. it’s similar enough.. you get the idea).Dreaming of Janet scene was done with a static camera placed behind David. We recorded about half a minute of David with Janet on site, and another half a minute with only David alone.

Placing the door

The arguement scene was taken at a double door (see light path/diagram for the actual setup). And on Final Cut Pro I masked the two half of the screen and give them a different touch of colour. The original door was quite wobbly, especially when David was banging on the door, therefore I took a portion of the door, and edit it in Photoshop and brought it back to Final Cut Pro to be put on top of the footage (see image).

General Editing (Colour Correction)

Editing 3

Because of the weather, the 1st and 2nd shoot turned up with different colour. Although we tried to manipulate the light on site, it still didn’t come up with a look even close to the original, so most of the colourbrating needed to be done on the editing.

Audio EditingThe Narration

Although some says that someone who put narration on top of a movie is someone who cannot direct, I am willing to argue that it is not true. Narrating is one of the most traditional way of telling a story, and to be able to deliver a good narration, it still needs the ability to direct. The narration in “Memetik Bintang” posed as David’s thoughts. David’s mother tounge is not English, and therefore I want him to think in Indonesian, but I also want audience to hear what he thinks. What is the narration for?

  • Deliver David’s thougths

What the narration is about:

  • brain storming of what he was going to say to Janet
  • a practice of how he was going to say it
  • treassuring the past, regreting what David has done, and promise to the future

Language: Indonesian (English subtitled)

The ambience & soundtrack

Thank you to my good friend for letting me use his music on this project.

Soundtrack by Alexandro E Susilo, title: HaruskahAmbience was taken on site, and also from the

University soundtrack library.

The Subtitle

  • literal translation from the Indonesian spoken narration
  • may not make sense or weird
  • to give audience a clue of how it is said in Indonesian
  • some may not be an exact translation, words with the closest meaning were used

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