Production Diary #2

11 Sept 2005

Cafe location: Tea Garden
Camera used: PD170
Props: 5 tables, flowers, coffee cup, envelope, photo, pen
Starting time (sun coming in the window): 2.15pm


The initial location for this shoot was meant to be at the actual Cafe on Level C, but as you can see from the picture (left), there wasn’t a lot of room to move and not enough natural light. So we moved to the Tea Garden and set up our own cafe.

Shooting was a bit hard that day because of the lack of extras that turned up, but managed to it by helps from other students who happened to be there.

I like the establishing shot that we did although that was an alteration to suit the location. But the Tea Garden provided a better sunlight and also space to work in.

452 TG2 452 TG1

Need 1 or 2 more angle on David when he leaves the table. We couldn’t get it done because the sun started to shift on the other side.Need reshoot on a few things because of shadow position and need more light bounce on the shadows.

Flowers Flowers on table


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