The Planning

Planning includes all equipment needed for the shoot, camera/lighting path, finding actor/actress, finding the location and of course, the most important part was to find the crew. I was lucky enough to be working with Sam Sheppard who answered to my advert I put on many walls of Design Schools and Film Schools… he’s a great cameraman, and I learnt a lot from him (I think this movie would’ve taken 3 times longer if I do the camera works myself). Thanks Sam :)

After looking at a few locations, I finally settled with MasseyUniversity DesignSchool – museum building as the main site. Not only it’s easy to get into, but they’re quiet in the weekends, so it made it much easier to have a video shoot there. There are a couple of other scenes shot else where, but they weren’t that much of a problem since we didn’t have to stay there as long as we had to for the main scenes.

Lighting path/Camera path diagram

Here’s the diagrams (only some of them) of how the light and props was setup for the shoot, including the camera path. Lots of them are Sam’s idea… which worked well with the concept I have in mind… but since I’m lacking in the technical part, Sam was a great deal of help.

Lightpath 01



Lightpath 04


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